• May your coffee be strong and your Monday be short.

  • Good ideas start with brainstorming. Great ideas start with coffee.

  • I like my coffee how I like myself: dark, bitter and too hot for you!

  • Behind every successful person is a substantial amount of coffee.

  • It is just me or does coffee taste better on Friday mornings?

  • Life is too short for bad coffee!

  • Coffee and friends make the perfect blend.

When was the last time you were really cheeky?

With us you can do it - be naughty, be reluctant, be cheeky! «Kaffee Frech» - our cheeky café - opened its doors just lately. Right below the Gubelhof Suites you can enjoy your first morning coffee - the way you like it best: hot, strong and sexy. But not only that - we also serve you breakfast here. Don't feel like having breakfast?! Rather staying in bed? No problem! Then start your day with a delicious quiche and a sexy salad or a cheeky waffle!

Opening Times

8:00- 20:00h
Sat. 8:00- 18:00h
Sun. 9:00- 18:00h

Life it too short for bad coffee!

Hot & StrongCHF
Espresso Macchiato6.00
Flat White6.00
Latte Macchiato6.00
Fredo Espresso6.00
Fredo Cappuccino6.00
hot/ cold Chocolade5.00
hot/ cold Ovomaltine5.00

«Frech» up you day

Cool & Dry CHF
Baarer Erdmandli33cl5.00
Bachweg Brewing33cl7.00
Crasto DOC1dl8.00
Gents Tonic Water 7.00
Galvanina Mandarino 6.00
Ginger Beer 7.00
White Negroni16.00
Sophia Loren11.00
Gin Fizz16.00
Whiskey Sour16.00

Pretty Quiches & Sexy Salads

Quiches & moreCHF
Quiche of the Day8.00
+ Sexy Salad12.00
Avocado Bread7.00
Avocado Bread8.00
with egg 
Sexy Salad Big9.00

Sweet like you!

Hot & SweetCHF
Cheeky Waffle
vanilla ice cream + melted chocolate
Big Boss Waffle
whipped cream + melted chocolate
Local Waffle
Zug' cherries + whipped cream


Füdliblutt Waffle
powdered sugar

French Breakfast
KF Breakfast (on the weekend)

Gubelhof Suites – Your second Home

Look up! Just above the café you’ll find our Gubelhof Suites - your home away from home. Generously designed and furnished with great attention to detail, the apartments exude a creative flair and timeless elegance. There are no limits to your individuality. Each apartment is different and offers you the perfect retreat after a day in the city. Located between the main train station and the Metalli shopping center, the 11 apartments are an ideal starting point for all activities - whether sightseeing, shopping or business. Just try it!

Cheeky Waffles

Füdliblutt Waffle
Big Boss Waffle

11 Serviced Apartments with Character